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Aug 1, 2014
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I have not made any contributions for quite sometime, due to many factors not the least of which is lack of coin.

Abby came to my attention of late, her reviews were great and the price point was not a hindrance, so what the heck, thought I would throw my cock in the ring and check her out.

Well this girl turned out to be so much fun, it galvanized me into donning my writers hat at least once more.

Abby, 39, has a very beautiful face, prominent blue eyes framed by long blonde hair. Her body has nice curves featuring big firm tits that love attention.

I found her to be one of the most exquisite kissers I have ever experienced, top 10. And lads, I have kissed a few girls in my day. I would put her in the same company as Irish Roxy and Vicky Vixen, nuanced, transportative, passionate and intense.

Like her kissing, her bbbj was the same. Deep, nose to the belly, with lots of "under-tongue" while being, inventive, teasing and loving all at the same time. She had the "old boy's" attention from the start, and playing on the edge of nuclear annihilation for the entire time. It really doesn't get any better .... Shudder!!!.....

I soon grunted, "enough", as I sensed myself getting too close to the edge and I wanted to turn the tables on my lovely companion. My oral efforts were definitely well rewarded, reducing the poor girl to a quivering heap.:lol:

For the main event, I produced a female condom, which she has never tried and it worked perfectly! Like everything else we did, the main event was tumultuous, enthusiastic, primal and passionate. Just the way great sex should be. She is not a quiet or delicate girl and can give as good as she gets. She had me dancing on the edge, with fingernail control and loving every second of it. The whole experience was I could only describe as musical, full of; interplay, counterpoint, intuition and passion from beginning to end.

This was my second visit with Abby, and we picked up right where we left off without missing a beat. Her English is great, she has a warm sense of humour, and has an affectionate genuine personality.

Just a heads up, she doesn't do her own texting, and if you want anything to happen, voice contact is mandatory. Just follow the instructions to the letter, there are reasons for these things. She is a busy girl but rest assured you will be rewarded for your patience. :nod:

Absolutely Perfect!

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