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Oct 15, 2003
Please don't use the services of women in the industry if you're looking to find a girlfriend. Escort and Massage Parlor workers are there to provide a service, period.

Guys and girls that get too close personally end up getting hurt. This board is for people with too much time on their hands.

Nothing is real here. Too many lies, too many stories, and way too much detail about intimate times.

For this reason - this is my last posting on this system.

I hope I can put my relationship back together with the woman I love!


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Oct 9, 2003

I don't completely agree with the "friends" assumption.

Marshall is right - if you are looking for romance - this is not the hobby for you. But you can make a "friend" in a non-romantic sense and you do have to keep your emotions in check and your expectations real.

Run into the next "john" walking down the hall away from your "friend" as you walk toward her apartment - is a reality check we all need to keep things in perspective.

We are paying for a service nothing more!


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Jun 12, 2003

After being in this "hobby" for several years , and having both negative and positive encounters , I think that everyone involved should have a real good look at themselves and decide why they are in this position , and what you want out of it (im talking both client and sp ) . Too many clients have little or no regard for the ladies and too many sp's have little regard for there clients . In my own case , I have come to the point where I have had my "fun" and have a better understanding of what I want from a sp. I want someone who is warm , caring , partially honest (hopefully very honest ) , someone whom I get along with (and I could spend time with out of the bedroom as well, not that we would) and hopefully someone who feels somewhat the same about me. We both realize it is still a buisness arrangement , similar to that of your mechanic , lawyer , accountant ,and that a service is being provided at a fee , but that you can also be freinds in a sense as well. As far as giving intimate details when I am with a sp , i believe that those things are private , and will not repeat them on here for the benefit of those who read it and get a rush from it , similar to that of reading a porn magazine . I will share if i feel someone gives great sevice or not as well as my opinion on there looks . Way to much detail , and
badmouthing going on . The good providers have repeat clients , have a good reutation, and are good at what they do . Most sp's do not provide the same quality of service to there clients at all times , just as we do not treat them all exactly the same. If I would see a dirty , smelly sp , I WILL NOT be doing the same things with them as my favorite girl and the same goes for what the girl will do with her clients. I have found a few gems , and will nolonger go looking for the next "gem thats just around the corner). Top notch providers are hard to find , especially ones that you truly enjoy the whole session and she genuinely does as well. To get infatuated with them is very easy to do , however one must distinguish between a buisness relationship and a private one. Once it becomes a struggle to distinguish the two , then it is either time to move on , or time for change (ie leave the wife and pursue your sp) and once this reality check hits home , then cooler heads will prevail.
In closing , I ask all you guys to treat the ladies with more respect and dignity . plz try and refrain from all the details of a session , the BS gets so thick on here sometimes that it becomes very hard to tell the difference between the truths and the lies. I use this board only occassionaly , basically to see where the girls are shifting tooo , and there are only a few guys that I axctually believe on here as well. This could be a place for some great discussion and information but unfortunatly I feel it is not serving that purpose. I would also like to see more sp's posting on here as well , so that we could get some input from them as well as having a chance to pm them as well. The Edmonton and Calgary site has a few regular mps on there , and for what its worth , next time im in those cities and decide to partake of a sp , it shall be one of those ladies whom I may see.
I hope i didnt ramble on too long , but I have gotten to know a few of the girls in the buisness over the last number of years , and realize what they have to put up with. There are a few Fantastic sp's out there , many Great sp's , lots of good ones , a few poor ones and some VERY Poor ones. Each has a place to fill in the buisness , lets not let a few bad apples spoilthe whole bunch , and the same for the clients. This board should be some help to distiguish between them , and thats it!!! Any comments would be appreciated. I feel I have been a very fair and honest critic of any sp i have seen , and hope I dont offend anyone with my comments.

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