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Friday the 13th


Aug 10, 2004
I slept well in the early morning. Woke up about 5:30 AM and indulged in my exercise routine, had some oatmeal with warm milk, a glass of orange juice, a vitamin regiment and off to work. I did experience a sense of depression due to being in a place that I prefer not to be staying, the staff girl at the fitness center didn’t speak, I lounged in the bath that caused me to be late for an appointment and my driver seemed irritable. Now you say, exercise your choice and write about the good things, but its Friday 13th and we need to focus on the bad things. Why focus on the bad things today, when there were glimmers of joy?

The answer was and will always be that the bad things just seemed to have more impact than the good things. We seem to take happiness for granted. Our problems touch us more than the simple moments of happiness. That notion is perhaps what inspired me a few years ago to embark upon a special project that resulted into a success beyond my imagination but the project was based on a sad story.

The soap operas, including the ones on PERB so frequently capture a negative spirit with unending flame wars and conflict. Some say that the drama is expected and helps them endure their own problems. Don’t we need more in life than just physical gratification?

We tend to feel that there is something not quite acceptable about having things go right for us. In the film Tender Mercies, Robert Duval said “I don’t trust happiness; it has a way of making me sad.” Experience should have convinced him that his fears are not reasonable, but he’d just say it always turns on me. Some people are bothered by our expressions of happiness. They may even show real contempt for our joy which they call naiveté. Being somewhat short on happiness causes some people to believe that it’s really normal to be a little miserable. We give compassion for the miserable and we are often quick to help them have a better life. What I can’t understand is what about helping those who are already full of joy to maintain their joy. Don’t we need them too?

Happy Friday the 13th :)


Jul 27, 2004
watching from the sidelines
A happy one for you too, may you not get too wrinkled in your bath while dozing and playing hookie from work!!!

Licks to all........................................................................!
but especially for sunset today!