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Jul 28, 2002
Before the usual comments & snickers start, have any of you ever been to Ft. St. John? Commendations if you have, but more often than not I find people gasping in horror when anywhere outside the bubble called "The Lower Mainland" is mentioned. I still know people who have never travelled any farther than Surrey, while some others don't even know where Chilliwack & Hope are, and further more don't care to! Some people's kids :) :p

Scooner, you might get the odd response here but you'll probably have better luck on the BC board at www.wsgforum.com


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Aug 30, 2003
Hey...their use to be a rub and tug place (Midnight Oil) but they have closed...on agency in town and my experience (one time) was not very good. She was cute but over weight and held on to the condom the whole time to make sure it didn't fall off. I would be willing to give another go, but would have to be brave enough to say no if a similar girl showed up.

PS> This was about 18 months ago so I am not to sure if if may have gotten better. If you are really desperate get ahold of a phone book for Dawson Creek call the agency that has a chicken in their ad...I think they might be called "chicks" I have had 4 reasonable experiences with that agency and they might send a girl to FT. ST. John.

Hope this helps...report back because I am heading North in a few weeks!



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Mar 22, 2004
hey im here in dawson creek the agency is called sassys but yeswe do have a chick in the ad im the new girl


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Apr 27, 2004
I had the pleasure of travelling to FSJ on business a few years back, and things have likely changed a little since then, but I did manage to have a couple of good experiences.

Looking through the phone book I believe there were only two places listed for agancies. Flipped a coin and called one, but I can't remember the name. Guy picks up, I tell him what I am looking for (blond, tall, between 18 and 20, etc.). He says a girl will call me back soon, which she does. Don't remember her name for sure, but it could have been Lee that Horny mentioned (or at least girl with the same name).

Anyway, she shows up, she spends some time in the bathroom getting ready, and I tell her an hour would be nice. She gets on the phone in the room and calls back buddy at the agancy to give him the details "for safety', and he asks to talk to me to confirm, blah, blah, blah, which is somewhat annoying but I let it slide. I realized that I had misplaced $250 in my room and asked her if she would help me find it. Thankfully she was able to.

Finally we get down to the business at hand. The girl is about 5'9 or so, long dark brown hair, seems to be late teens to early twenties and definitely a spinner. Not blond, but otherwise just my type. We get down to business on the bed and she starts with the DFK and then moves down. To my surprise and pleasure, she starts with a great BBBJ!

Eventually I pull her up and after more DFK with her on top, I find myself sliding in without a hat on. Alarm bells begin to ring in my head as this is the first time an SP has allowed this for sure, and I am waiting for her to recoil in shock at me trying to "take advantage of her". She goes with it though, and as my center of consciousness has long since departed my skull for places farther south, I go with it too (I know, supremely dumb right?).

So she is into the dirty talk and I am getting into it and I ask her if she has ever been to Greece. He whispers in my ear that she loves it there. I suddenly realize that somewhere else in the room is another $80 that I have misplaced and that I need her to help me find.

After that was through, she guides me back to the bed and then gives me my first professional tutoring on how to speak to a woman in Greek, which she (seems) to enjoy very much. When all is said and done, it had been slightly over an hour, but she never mentioned it.

On my way back through FSJ I tried to contact her again through the same agency, but she was off that night, and I ended up with an other girl. Same age range, but blond this time, although a few pounds heavier and had had a child a couple of years prior (she told me as she seemed slightly- and unnecessarily- self conscious). After the time before with the amazing Lee, this was a little less memorable, but still good. The girl said that she only does this sort of thing very occasionally when the agency needs some help because they are busy and that she is normally a bartender at one of the local bars. Although she never said, I got the impression that the same guy that was answering the phones for the agency also was the owner or manager or something of the bar. But I digress. The girl and I both had a good time. DATY, mish and doggy to finish a decent, but overall average experience.

I imagine things have changed since I was there, especially now as there seems to be a mini population boom going on up there and a corresponding low rental availability. Seems like that might be good for business. I would give the agencies up there another shot if I went, but knowing now what I didn't know back then, I would negotiate a better price (and worn a hat for everything!), and hope to run into Lee!

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