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Aug 15, 2003
Hello Vancouver! I’m getting ready for my first trip into your city and was hoping I might get a little assistance from the board. I’ve been trying to work my way through the review board to figure out whom to see but there are so many choices I feel like I’m going in circles. Can you guys or girls help me out a give me a couple of recommendations to get me in the right direction? Looks like I’ve got two open nights so I’m going to try and fulfill two longstanding fantasies; a double session with two providers and the cheerleader fantasy.

For the duo I been searching but the one team that really caught my eye was Kyla and Harmony from Seduction Unlimited, man do they look hot! Unfortunately I think they are in Victoria! Are there any doubles like that in Victoria or am I going to have to figure out how to take the ferry to Victoria?

For the cheerleader fantasy I’m looking for a young provider 18-25, blonde or brunette with a nice body. I’ve been mulling it over but I am really looking for a beautiful woman vice a GFE. The most important thing is the looks, really looking for a head turner to get me back to the high school/college days and the cheerleading uniform would be a real added bonus! Any recommendations?

I know answering these kinds of requests are not everyone’s favorite thing to do but I’ll definitely post reviews to let you all know how things went, thanks in advance.

Pink Cherry