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Jun 4, 2003
Have been using Perb since march on V.I. and decided its time to contribute and not just view. First boy do I miss my V.I. girls edmonton girls are more expensive and way more restictive.Anyway this submission purpose is twofold either for a fellow perbert to say wow he was right she is fun or for I wish I had read the review or paid attention because she was a waste of time and or money.

First stop Heaven on earth edmonton walked in and was greeted by a nice lady who showed me their facilities nice spacious rooms with showers very clean fairly discreet location on 63 at 99st.The other two ladies then came in and intriduced themselves.I choose Ling the sweet innocent looking colleg student. NOT. Around 21 nice long dark hair pretty eyes around 5foot 5 not to skinny not fat just right imho.Said the session was 25$ for up to the hour turned on shower and left. She came back got me on table and gave a very nice all over rub down front and back everywhere (i like that).At around the halfway mark asked if I would like anything else and ran down menu. I usually go with nude and reverse on first session to assess attitude and chemistry.She stripped down and I got to see her treats nice boobs nipples and pretty little kitty.I then asked if I could show her some stuff. I then rubbed her down and began to play with her feet and toes when it became obvious I had a footplay virgin on my hands ah and I do like to teach.After her initial surprise to the new sensations I got the feeling she liked it a lot. She then suggested the old cowmilking position me on hands and knees on table her at side jerking me off. Got me nice and hard that way then I suggested that we play my way to finish she happily obliged and I had a very nice finish.I was in more of a hurry than she so I slid her 100$ which was well worth it she was happy and so was I YMMV. Looks/attitude/service- 7.5 / 9 / 9/ in my books there are no 10"s. With her I would suggest go in if you like what greets you and you treat her with respect you will have a good time I did YMMV. Will most definitely return.

Next stop G-Spot Just off 99st around 40 ave walked in and was met by Pearla I did not have to meet the other ladies. She took me on the tour very nice facility celeste did a nice job on rooms decor and facilities. Three rooms all large very clean with showers and toilets. Pearle said session was 25$ for up to the hour and turned on shower for me. When she walked back in room and saw the toy show occurring on tv she mentioned she did that to but better something to look forward too. Her description would be Imho very pretty young oriental with hair hilites and nice body for a close body double check out the young oriental on her stomach in red bikini on supremes websites.Celeste also said she is trying to get a website up fot G spot soon. Laid on stomach and she proceeded to give a very nice allover rubdown everywhere then flipped over and she went to work on the front. Very nice conversation throughout casual like friends already.She then asked what else I might be interested in and ran down her menu. Again I like my initial encounter to be nude reverse usually so I went with that. She stripped down and I got hard she was gorgeous Imho not to skinny not to fat juuusssttt right Imho.She then got on the table and I proceeded to give her an all over massage no restrictions for me but hey I am a gentleman YMMV.Again into the foot play as apart of finishing and she had done that before and was enjoying herself loads. We finished I had fun I gave her 120$ I was happy she was happy YMMV. L.A.S. 8 / 9/9/ again I dont give 10's. With her I think you will know when you meet whether she is your type or not if she is and you treat her nice you will have a great time I sure did.

Called agency next day and spoke to manager celeste to extoll the virtues of service worker pearla.I usually phone whenever I have really good service or really poor service and they usually appreciate the comments. Anyway after talking with celeste and finding out that it seems we also like a lot of the same thing I will be visiting her soon. Enough for my first session my mind and fingers grow weary. Next report pearla F.S. massage by celeste and F.S. report on Victoria ar prestige.
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