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CJ Tylers

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Jan 4, 2003
North Vancouver
Are you registered to a website by the name of Keeping Score?

And are you using your white nightie in front of the window pose?

If not, someone is using your picture as their profile pic on that site. I don't know if you care, but it is a bit of a heads up.

I'm only mentioning it because your pics ARE your business, so to speak...when it comes to the internet that is.


Your call.

You can PM me for the information if you want it. I can give you the name of the profile using your picture (claims to be 25...so I'm guessing it's not you...)

Whatever. If it is you, well... I won't be divulging the profile name to protect the not-so-innocent ;)


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Jun 28, 2003
My Own Private Idaho
I just checked out the site, and the user seems to have changed the pic. Thank you so much for letting me know.

It's a good reminder that anyone with a little bit of know-how, can take what you 'think' is yours and use it any way they want to. Global community and all that :rolleyes:

Thanks again CJ :)
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