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davy crockett

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Jun 25, 2003
May as well do this since I'm here already. I've had the pleasure over the past few weeks to visit Fantasy on " several occasions" and offer the following;
10 Nothing new to add about Jesse ,Katrina or Brooke everything said before is mostly accurate great experiences with all.
2) Shawna, You all have seen her pic and its as advertised, beautiful, really enjoys her work, very friendly.Great massage, great extras with some imagination, just let her take over and enjoy the "ride".She does have a small tendacy to "over chat" just stop answering and all will be quieter. 10-9-10
3) Taylor, Have seen her twice now. An incredibly beautiful woman with an excellent body and a great attitude. Body slide is a specialty back and front and has the equipment to make it an experience to remember in fact several days later you will still remember lol.IMHO 10-10-10.
4) Sarah ,I have seen her twice as well. A young (in industry and age) SP with an enthusiastic attitude towards you and the business. Petite and pretty, nice package and loves to have you explore.Above average massage, knows when to converse and not, great hands. I'd recommend either a HR or FS.IMHO 9-8.5-8.
5) A few final thoughts, I've avoided mentioning price only because of some past comments here but will say everything was great in that the right price for the right service from 1 brown and 2 greens up to 2 browns. I doubt that prices vary on an initial visit however repeat visits may provide "bonus coverage" as the SP becomes familiar with you and your treatment towards them.As previously mentioned in PERB, respect and appreciation will take you further from the "ordinary" than you have ever travelled before.Play safe and have fun.


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May 12, 2003
The only one of the above ladies I have seen is Taylor and I don't really have any thing to add to what Davy said, Just that I agree with his review. Have seen her about a half dozen times over tha last 6 months or so. She always seems happy to see me when I walk in which I like. Lots of fun and a very positive attitude. Too bad Fantasy is so far east, as that is the main reason I don't go more often.


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Nov 12, 2002
Did anyone read my review of Brooke from a couple of weeks back? She has earned the wolverine stamp of approval, which is something that I do not award lightly!