Tara Green

Falling off the wagon


Feb 20, 2003
Okay I thought I was going to quit the hobby but something kept pulling me back. Hmmm I wonder what that is. Anyways I went on a bit of a small tear and of course my wallet took the brunt of it. Here is a small recap:

Sandy: Head to Toe L/A/S 7/8/8
Still a very good cougar. Had a NR and she was quite into it. Then she takes control and you hang on for the ride. When you need an older lady to take care of you....

Ariel: Paradise 8/9/9
One of my all time fav's haven't seen her and always a good time. She is gives it good and likes giving it back. Had the full meal deal and upsized it to boot.

Josie: Sinderellas 8/6/7
Just had to try out a young one. She is pretty and likes to talk, she gives a good massage and good with the Stick Shift. She told me that she was tired and probably contributed to the lack of extra enthusiasm. Of course it was the first time so I am going to try her out again.


PS Kitt sorry I didn't make it around to you. I know you wanted me to if I came back.
Pink Cherry