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Extra mile


Apr 11, 2005
I hav'nt seen too many different girls but I find most SP s are cum-phobic, probably no such word. Most of them dont want to touch your cum once u get off, and they pull away right away. It is frustrating, we all know why, that is our homerun taken away from us. There was a regular I used to see, we always use the juccuzzi, we would finish our business in the juccuzzi and as soon as I go she would jump out of the juccuzzi so fast as if there is a shark in the water. It was kinda funny. There is a couple that does go that extra mile: Layla @ penthouse and Crystal @ mmc. I am wondering if any one else feels the same way. And what SP out there that would go that extra mile.

Well, some reviews

Layla @ph

L: 8 - very good looking face and nice legs, body is pretty nice considering she has 2 kids. she is in her early twenties and about 5'5".

A: 8 - She enjoys her job and she like to please. She made me very comfortable even on my first time. Nice girl to talk to.

S: 9 - As I mensioned above, she will go that extra mile even when the job is done, she said "It will still feel good." and she is dang right. I would repeat, Yes.

Crystal @ mmc

L: 8 - Blond hair, about 5'5". I like her beauty mark, make her look sexy. Very sexy. She looks very good from head to toe, with a bit of strech mark on her stomach.

A: 9 - She is very pleasant and aims to please.

S: 9 - She is not afraid of a little cum. makes sure she finishes her job. She will try anything to satisfy you. I have seen her 3 times, and it get better every time. I would definitely repeat.

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Oct 28, 2004
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thanks for the reviews TommyG and welcome to the board

not to sure about the "cum-phobic :confused: " part though, I would say in the 20+ years of pooning, I can't think of an sp who didn't clean me up after the session whether it be anything from a hj to fs :p :D , always ready to "get rid of the evidence" hell I've even had some sp's that enjoyed getting the pearl's after a good russian :eek: , but maybe it is a case of YMMV :eek:


Feb 3, 2005
I agree with the Crystal review I had a good time with that lady good massage and various positions when it came to cbj treated me very nicely repeat definetly wood repeat good review Tommy G.