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expectations from independents?


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Sep 7, 2002
I have only gone to MPs in the past, but am considering visiting independents that have all inclusive pricing.... can someone tell me what to expect? say if you pay for an hour, how many times can you cum? i would like to have at least 2 tries... i know most MPs only give u one shot, then u pay for extra. thx for your help.

Big Trapper

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May 13, 2002

Chad, the Indy's vary as to their service. You gotta ask. Ask them if an hour means a full 60 minutes. If they say "well, no it's actually service based," that means 1/2 hr = bj and 1 hr = FS. If you hear this, politely thank them for the information and hang up because with those ones, after you cum you leave. The good ones will say, "Of course, and I don't really watch the clock all that closely." Multiple shots for the same price, just ask. The good ones are quite forthcoming with what they will accept. If you get dodgy answers, don't go - that usually means they don't do it. Understandably, some don't discuss the higher mileage activities over the phone to a first time complete stranger but when you get with them and they get comfortable with you, then some will offer far more.
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