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Jul 10, 2002
They are new, change their add each week, and charge a bit more than the rest....

This weeks ad
Adorable porcelain doll Asian beauty. Stunning and seductively sexy sunkissed busty brunette. Tall model-like, sweet and petite blonde hottie. PROS IN ENTERTAINING. 884-9031. Satisfaction guaranteed!!

I saw the blonde hottie.... four greens.

Tall, slim, nice rack, quite young. A real looker.

Massage - very short.
Release - she wore gloves
Enthusiasm - Right Up there, great attitude!!!
Technique - Inexperience really showed here. Too bad, but she's sincere and tries really hard

She was outside having a smoke with the Asian girl when I approached the address. The Asian beauty was a good looker too

PRO - Young, fresh, great attitude
CON - rushed, price, inexperienced, no full service
Overall rating - 7.5
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