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Dec 23, 2002
Decided to stop in at Head to Toe on Sat for a session. was greeted by Eve, petit, good looking young lady, long dark curly hair, and not very well endowed, but after the session that was the last of my concerns. I was straight forward and told her I was interested in fs session and she quoted a price which I accepted and the session was on. This lady is as enthusiastic about her work as I have ever encountered in a long time. She offers the full menu for those who like to travel to Greece. She knows how to please and if I'm not mistaken I think she enjoys receiving the deeds as well, as a lot of moaning and qivering was taking place, while I worked over the erotic areas. She sez she is only there for Christmans relief as they were short staffed. Too bad. Her hours are evenings and week-ends, NO Fridays. She did say that she worked as Holly at Swedish Touch and may go back there if the showers get fixed. A truely worthwhile experience if your looking for a nice lazy relaxing time from a provider who enjoys seeing you satisfied. Still smiling as I write this today!!!!