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If you know that there is no cancelation policy by agency and do not like the escort

  • wouldn't you turn her away

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  • keep the girl anyways because you are shy

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  • call the agency back say you were not happy with the girl

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New member
Mar 19, 2003
Hi to all members concerned !!! I must say there are alot of People here who have no life and nothing better to do... Seriously if you start believing all you here then you must be a very naive person. First of all as an investor of Euro Love I heer your concerns and issues. I love feedback from customers because we strive to have the best customer service and without feeback we can't find out the areas where we need to improve. So I do not take things personaly when there are complaints. So don't think we don't listen and take things at heart from our customers. However we have a saying in Europe dont give Stories without the backing of facts and details. I must admit I have recieved a tremendous distruption from a select group which we know who they are, and have been warned !!! These individuals are from a competing agency that has failed and are seeking ways to get back at Euro Love for their failure due to there inability to manage and abuse of drugs.
I STRESS AGAIN that CUSTOMER SERVICE is our #1 PRIORITY, because without it there is no Business and no repeat business. The customer is always right, you listen and improve where there is a concern, however in this case we are dealing with a corupt group here who is trying to put Euro Love down in the interest of there Agency, and I suport this theory because we have been getting a call from one same individual from a Private #, and has been calling on a 1 hr interval. His first call and quote " I saw your reviews on the internet and must say I am disapointed and will not use your services". If one real customer had any logic behind him why would he go out and stress this issue to the agency to piss them off !!! Just make your conclusion that you will not use them and thats it. Why waist your time and effort to notify them of your decision ??? Doesn't make sence. Then again this apparent customer, calls and says he will not use us because of the bad reviews and wants to meet me at my agency so he can fight me !!!! What a joke seriously.... from a customer ????Then he makes up a story that he saw Veronika at the Iner City Hotel, on Kingsway. However he is not aware that I keep a close supervision on the Agency and follow all customer concerns and I am usually on a first name basis with most of our regulars and have a professional service outlook on all customers. Again I will support one persons view and that is of the person who wrote about the screw up where we were to send Elena, and instead Veronika went on the call . There you see he knows what he is talking about and justifies with facts everything. Thank you for your concern and that is why I told my Secretary to logg in the PC that you will get a $25 discount on your next call. thanks NYman and we are waiting for your next call to redify the problem from your first call..... By the way if Providerman wants to read deep into my web site www.eurolove.ca, he will find that Euro Love is operating in Europe and that those girls on our web site are actual escorts and real pictures, I admit all are still not here due to the waite on there landed imigrant papers. we specify who is here and who is not.....
Again thanks to all real customers concerned and vito to all fake ones.
No more Coment

PS: In fact I believe that this person who has been calling me and harasing me is "PROVIDERMAN" . Oh and by the way how would "PROVIDERMAN" know that only Kyra is the only real person we have on our web site if he has not seen anyone else but Veronika ( who in fact he has not seen at all ), the answer to that is, because she worked for his agency and knows her and can confirm. I can assure you Veronika is real and is a 10 out of 10 , beautifull, class and sweet , unlike most in our industry. She is Italian by background. Finaly another example of things Providerman says without justification or suporting the facts is that we do not advertize everywhere and have never advertized in the Province. Next month we will be in all the Yellow pages and on www.superpages.ca.

Again thanks to all customers concerned !!!!
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Oct 9, 2002
Let me assure you Europaman that I am not making these alleged phone calls to your agency. Trust me, I have much better things to do. I do not have a vendetta against your agency, nor am I trying to start a smear campaign against Eurolove. I was simply reporting an incident that happened to me. You did the same thing to NYsmartman, in fact it sounds like you sent the same girl to him.

Anyone familar with my work knows I shoot from the hip and my reviews are accurate and honest.

Your accusations against me are false, as you are simply practising damage control. Hopefully with this bad press you are getting you will clean up your act. You can start with taking down the pictures of the girls that are not in the country. Opps then you would have nobody left. I do think Kyra does work there though, just a hunch - as she is a latter entry.

I did make a mistake about the add in the Province, I meant the Westender.

My reputation on this board and previously the bigdog will stand unblemished by your accusation that I have not used your agency. Anyone who believes you over me gets what they deserve.

And Kev you ought to be ashamed of yourself cockbreathing Europaman like that.
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Mar 13, 2003
vancouver b.c.
good for u kev...and cudos to eurpoman.......tell it like it is..honesty is what this game is all about..and i definately agree and have nothing but respect for the man that comes straight up and speaks the truth as he is an investor and hes the one that will loose, on the bad,,untruthful reviews....KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK..
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