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Euro Love apolegy to Providerboy


New member
Mar 19, 2003
After some extra research and info I have found out that Providerboy is not an agency or is not purposly trying to put Euro Love down. He is basicaly acting in the best interest on behalf of all customers and members of https://perb.cc, and I do see his concerns and frustration with alot of agency, because I can speak first hand from experience about alot of them. However saying this and apolagizing personaly to him, the statements and concerns which he stated are not justified and valid as he has not yet been a customer of Euro Love. As I said before, I love to here feedback from customers and take your concerns and issues from heart. We want to have a reputation based on 3 principles:
1. Best Service
2. Best Girls
3. Best Rate

Thanks again to all and I look farward to heering from Providerboy in the near future so we can meet his demand and he can speek from experience of Euro Love.

Take care all