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May 11, 2002
Well I was looking threw the Edmonton Sun advertisements for some Asian escorts. My self I have only been to MPs, my first escort experience is what I?m going for. I noticed two Asian girls and I called both and they lead back to the same number eventually, and I guess its true what they say about Edmonton having like 2 people who run all the escort services. I?m thinking of seeing Suki who?s Japanese, and I haven?t seen any pictures of her yet, or Ho Lee who I saw pictures of from their web site, and looked rather nice (I?m always afraid of getting a guy who had a operation and is now a chick, I read some stuff about that over on TERB, and now it freaks me out all the time).
Well they have a live web cam and out of the 5 that were up I only saw 1 and it had 2 girls on it, but neither were Asian. I?m going to try to get a web cam view of Suki or Ho Lee before I order. Since when I talked to Suki she said 20 transportation fee and 160 starting, so it seems like it could be rather pricy, and id hate to spend 180 bucks just to go away empty handed.
I would love to know if any of you have used any of the escorts posted on the site. Going to wait a week and try, because with MPs it tends to be a lot less miss and more hit. However one has to find an Asian GFE
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