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Escort sggestions?


Mar 12, 2004
I spend a bit of time in your town on business, mostly in conference rooms and cabs, and sleeping in hotel rooms, so Edmonton, despite its incredible MP scene, is mostly limited to escorts for me. Since 1 of the 'top' 3 in town is not my type, the other is way overpriced for the one time I saw her, and the third and newest has not responded to my e-mail in the last two trips to Edmonton, I was rather foolish and called one of the 'listed' agencies in the Yellow Pages, JUICE.

Big mistake. Phone description was blonde, ~115#, 5'4" and not busty, and who showed up was the first time I have ever declined to pay even a transportation fee, asian, taller and heavier and way too nervous, such that I was uncomfortable even letting her in the door.

So, given this, and that I don't have time to drive / walk to any of the local MP after a long day, can anyone give any suggestions on the escorts listed in your daily paper, the Sun? Are they to stay away from, worth taking a try, or hidden gems?


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Aug 9, 2003
TS I have sent you a PM...

that will fix all your problems. In addition, Monique (light eyes) from Calgary is in Edmnotn from April 13 to 16 if you are in Town. Don't miss her.

Edmonton's Escort scene is not very good compared to the MP scene. Too bad.


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Oct 20, 2003
Outcall escorts??

I have many business trips scheduled for Edmonton over the next couple of months and living out of a suitcase and eating restaurant food by yourself everyday is not the most fun thing in life. My experiences with escorts have been few, and too many years ago to remember, but definitly something I would like to try again.

I am not comfortable with a trip to a MP (not yet anyway), the street scene around Jasper and 97St. (and North) is just plain scarey!! so the only alternative is the outcall. Ads in the SEE mag and SUN don't give much info and comments on this site indicate that it is easy to get burnt going this route. Not many websites for outcalls either... any suggestions?

What about Josee of Jossee's Playground... looks good! Rates seem fair! And I don't mind the mature age. Are there any hotel bars where the girls hangout?

appreciate any advise you can give.
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