Ashley Madison

Emmy St.Claire


Apr 26, 2008
I do apologize that this review is a little old while I feel bad for leaving it for this long.

For starters who ever marries her will be the luckiest guy in the world. Emmy is beautiful, smart, funny and has a heart of gold. I called her up while booking a time of a hour and half for $350. With Emmy She only takes one person per day which is a great idea. It gives a very non rushed session. On the day I get there and she opens the door and my jaw dropped as she was wearing this. Note I'm a sucker for a girl in a black dress. She lets me in and we take care of business. At that point it just got done being redone and looked nice but still not as her. I go and freshen up. We start talking about her travels and is well versed in a variety of subjects. Over time it led to a bit kissing and some petting. After awhile we hit the bed and had some fun there. I had a great massage and talked some more. Soon the time was up. Time flew away. I had a shower and left with a glow which lasted a week.

She is located 5 minutes from the inner harbor. Note you do expect a two week wait to see her but its worth the wait. She is a Indy and i hope she stays that way. God i miss her because nice perfect, mind, and a altitude that makes you feel so safe around her. While you can relax and be happy.

Ashley Madison