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Emmy St. Claire .. Revisted 2yrs later .. (independent)


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Jan 20, 2014
Fantasy Island
G`Day Mates

Emmy St. Claire .. One of Victoria`s Elite Companions, in my opinion ..

She advertises here in the new Perb independent section ..!
Also her web site ..

For booking mates, you have to pre-book and thru emails , very easy to set up a visit, may not be as soon as you would like, but you`ll get in
Read her web site, seriously mates, read it, lol .. all questions are answered on it .. Also ,She is very close to town .. nice place

Wow, I really have no idea why it has taken me close to two years for a repeat visit with Emmy, Especially since with Emmy, I see her for a special request, & the trust and comfort level has to be there ..
Emmy is well reviewed and known in this city, So i felt i could trust her right off the bat, and i also felt very safe at her in-call, another huge factor for me ..

What can I say about Emmy that has not already been said if you have done you`re home work .. Emmy is this tiny, Ohh sooooo sexy, lean, gorgeous woman, She Makes you feel so at ease too
As mentioned, I have a different visit with this young lady .. Other SP`s , I am all hands on, just like the rest of you .. but with Emmy, Well .. that depends
Another lady & also a friend of Emmy`s .. Showed me a side of myself i did not know i had in me ..
Being tied up, & i never thought it could be so sexy .. No pain .. just tease & denial with one hell of an ending ..

Emmy has completely delivered that in every aspect of these 2hr visits, and i do not think i am going to change a thing .. it just keeps getting better
I look forward to the next visit with her and it certainly will not be as long in between visits as the last time

It is hard to explain the erotic senses when you submit yourself to someone completely, Erotic bliss comes to mind ..
The trust level has to be there & thankfully, i have this with Emmy .. I completely trust this woman

Well gentlemen, I will say this ..
When you are lying there, restrained , This gorgeous woman straddling your chest, one hand on your forehead holding your head still while the other is playing with that magic button
All this taking place, of course, just out of reach.. and Holy Geebus, when you finally do get a taste , it seems to be even sweeter than the last time .. to me, that is what it is all about

Thanks for rocking my world Emmy .. I love this hobby
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