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Emmy St. Claire - A few things she doesn't seem to understand


Jun 23, 2003
After spending a few hours with Emmy, the are clearly a few things she doesn't seem to understand about this business...

The girl is not supposed to look far more attractive than you could have possibly imagined when you browse her website. She is not supposed to take care of your soul, she is only supposed to deal with your sexual needs. The client is not supposed to lose complete track of time during the session, but should instead be concerned that he will be rushed out the door before the time is up. She is not to laugh with such a bright beautiful smile, or astound you with her charisma. The girl should either be almost impossible to understand, or have a half-stoned vacant stare, or talk incessantly about her kids and her financial woes. Your supposed to pay your fee, do the deed and forget all about her in a few days. And for goodness sake, she should not be pretty! Hot? Yes. Sexy? Fine. Attractive? Sure. But pretty? It is unheard of!

Obviously, I am having a little fun. Forgive me, but I find myself in a rather playful mood. I don't 'review' often, but Emmy is worth an exception.

I don't know how she learned her craft, or how she came to be so physically attractive, but I will never forget Emmy! I used to think there was always someone 'out there' who might be a little sexier, a little cuter and a little more fun to spend time with...not sure there could be.

And for all of you wondering, but does she do x, y and z. Yes, her website is pretty straight forward and accurate with respect to what she offers. Arrive clean, be nice, don't try too hard to impress her..she's probably already met too many guys that do that. I can't guarantee that you feel like a million bucks when you say goodnight, but with a little luck you might!

Thanks for letting me meet you Emmy. Enjoy all the ice-cream you can!
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