Honey Harlotte

Emily 0722


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Dec 2, 2019
Saw Emily twice in the last few weeks and once before when she went by Bryn. This girl is the total package. Sexy cute with a hot little body, pictures are 100% accurate. What sealed the deal for me over other SPs is her personality and attitude in the bedroom. I'm sure it's YMMV but this girl oozes sensuality. I enjoy a more intimate GFE connection and she never disappoints. It feels like that honeymoon period with a new girlfriend when you are still hot for each other and my god I can't get enough of her little orgasmic moans. Damn, why am I writing this?

Other notable pluses: not a clock watcher, easy communication, safe incall, sexy and classy lingerie choices, did I mention she is hot AF.

First time poster, so take this however you want. I am not interested in an argument over it. Treat her well fellas!
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