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Elizabeths best masage


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May 11, 2002
Vancouver Island
Well, I found myself with an hour to kill one afternoon, so I decided to try Elizabeth's services. I gave her a call, and unlike normal verbal dancing done over the phone, especially with someone you haven't seen before, she listed all her services and costs up front. I chose the one hour nude massage for a brown and was not dissapointed. I must admit that when I arrived, I was a little apprehensive about the location, (apartment suite in older converted house) but onec inside, the "office" was nicely decorated and the washroom facilities, while old, were functional. Elizebeth is a tall brunette, in her 30s and in good shape. She has especially fine breasts while not large, are very well suited for body sliding. Now I'm not a competent judge of massages as I don't have many experiences with which to compare, but I found this to be very enjoyable. I recieved what has been my best ever massage to date. Every inch, front and back was covered and finished with those soft puppies I mentioned earlier sliding up and down my body. The final was a combination body slide, "russian" and hj delivered at the end of a full hour with a couple minutes allowed for a quick shower.

I found this massage pleasantly different from the usual FS escort experience. Elizabeth did not offer full service or Bj and the lower price reflects this. All in all, this is a "Do over".


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Jun 23, 2002
Midwest, U.S.A.

Excellent job, Ricko! I recall one or two others recommending Elizabeth; however, your in-depth review provided the type of information I needed. I agree with you----there is certainly something positive to be said for such an exciting type of service where you are not burdened by the FS safety issues. Thanks for the great review! ---Moe


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Apr 29, 2003
Totally Agree!

Based on this review, I tried Elizabeth also and had a great time. Had some time to kill before catching a ferry back to Vancouver so asked her for a one and one half hour session. Cost was one brown, one pink and worth every penny. She did a fantastic massage for about an hour. She says she has not formally studied massage, but she gave me one of the most relaxing massages I have had. Even better than the one I had from Melody in Vancouver a couple weeks ago. She then oiled up her breasts and proceeded to rub them all over my back and front with the finish as described above. Will definitely do this again, although she mentioned that she is thinking about moving from Victoria.
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