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Edmonton MP crackdown forthcoming?

Commander Chode

Old school Chode
Apr 24, 2004
Event Horizon
The police need to reassure people they are doing something.
All they can do is check licenses and check the buildings for building and zoning regulations.
As long as the MP and the massage staff have valid licenses, and other regulations are followed, there's nothing going on that is against the law.

I would find it inconvenient for LE to come by in the middle of a session but as long as it's handled professionally I have no problems with it.

S.G. Gibson

Dec 29, 2003
Continuing to read this sensationalist asinine series of articles is frustrating. The author is really doing nothing to help the women in this business. Everyday in Edmonton hundreds of sex-for-money encounters occur in Edmonton's massage parlours safely. Safely in terms of the women's physical security and in taking precautions to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Edmonton's massage parlour system works.

The police would be foolish to direct their allegedly scarce resources at busting down the doors of massage parlours looking for a serial killer. Edmonton's serial killer chooses street prostitutes because they are easy targets. Women who work in the safety of massage parlours are not easy targets. PERB is also proof that Asian massage parlours staffed by trafficked women are likely non-existent in Edmonton. Unlike Vancouver there is no discussion on this board of AMPs in Edmonton. However the author and police are happy to throw out that spectre to make the article more sensational and in the police's case lobby for more resources. Creating public pressure to close massage parlours would only drive the industry underground reducing the safety of the women involved.


New member
Dec 23, 2004
This is dumb

If in fact they are cracking down on MP's, then wouldn't this have the effect of driving sp's working there now into private residences in apartment buildings and condo or even the street? Wouldn't this have more negative impacts on the public? Isn't this what they're trying to avoid?



New member
Nov 11, 2004
I would find it inconvenient for LE to come by in the middle of a session
) by Chode.

Not really if your in session and the door is closed they may not open it. At least to my understanding of the statutes covering MP's
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