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Edmonton - first timer experience & MP reviews


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Aug 26, 2020
I'm currently in Edmonton for the first time in a few years, and decided to see what the local scene had to offer. I found it hard to navigate, and the local review board (CAF) appears downright hostile to new members - I was insta-banned for "failing a security check" with no recourse. So I went with what I could glean off perb and a few other spots.

As far as I can tell, the scene is mostly MPs, a couple of Asian agencies (sweetbb, wb69), and the usual sketchiness of LL. I prefer reputable agencies, but I couldn't find any, so decided to check out the MPs. I found the posted schedules were completely unreliable, but when I called, the receptionists were helpful. Emails were never answered.
  • The Manor. I walked in to the manor, and unfortunately showed up about 30 minutes before shift change, which severely limited my options. Only Mia was available (even though not on the posted schedule), and although not my normal type, her attitude charmed me so I rolled with it. Overall a really positive experience. Mia was energetic and super friendly. The facility was also clean and nicely kept, as these things go. Recommend.
  • Elite Retreat. From my research, Elite was my top pick - reviews, web presence and staff looked great. Unfortunately, things just didn't work out. I tried calling to book based on the schedule, and was told they didn't actually know who was coming in the evening. I didn't get a chance to call back, so I simply showed up around 60 minutes before closing time. They were closed. I came back earlier the next evening as a walk-in, and was told no one was available. So no luck yet for this trip. That led me to my mistake...
  • Destiny's Angel. Failing at Elite, I called Destiny's. I would not recommend. Dingy, in a sketchy neighborhood, and when I got there there was a situation going on with one of the girls. I was letting the little guy do the thinking, though, and saw someone (can't recall name). Mediocre experience at best.
Sharing for other Edmonton newbies. I plan to be back soon so will take any recommendations!
Ashley Madison