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Edmonton City Police MP crackdown.


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Nov 28, 2002
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Anybody catch an article in yesterday's Sun. Police made the rounds checking licenses of SP's in the last few days. Don't know if the pooners have to worry but it seems like a few faces have vanished for not being properly licensed?

The article alluded to the Project KARE taskforce don't see the connection myself...can't catch a possible serial killer of sw's so lets hassle the MP's and maybe force some ladies from the relative safety of a studio into the street.

Hope this doesn't signal a sea change in the here to fore fairly enlightened attitude of Edmonton towards the massage studios.


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Nov 12, 2002
Speaking of which, Global news has been doing this week-long series on the local sex trade. On Monday, they said that the "low-track" has now moved to Stony Plain Road between 149 and 163. My reaction to that is, "Why thank you, local media, for continuing to keep us informed on where the hookers are hanging out! I'm gonna jump in my car right now and go cruising!" :eek:

If you're worried about an attempt at a mass shutdown of MPs, don't be - they could have done that ages ago, so why start now? I'm guessing that besides checking for licenses, the LE are also doing the MP rounds to make sure that the parlors have safety measures in place, just in case whatever animal is preying on SWs sets his sights on MPs, or maybe even asking around for any suspect characters who may fit the profile.


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Aug 27, 2003
They said that there was some web site fines....... or no license fines...... I thnk....... and noticed in here a web site or two that has been deleted..... Miss A was one topic post in here. .... deleted web site.




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Nov 4, 2003
police and sp's

the girl's in the mp scene are licenced, and need to keep that stuff in order and updated. vice come in and check this periodically. it isn't their job to put sp's out in the street. those girl's will just have to go get their papers in order and can come back. law enforcement do look the other way and are supportive of massage parlours over sw's/cruising, but we still need to follow the few rules that are in place.

no busting down doors here in e-town, so no worries.

pretty crappy management to allow girls to work unlicenced...huge fines for the girls and the parlour!!!


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Oct 28, 2004
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thanks again go out to the global news team :rolleyes: , stony plain road is the new 95 street/118 Ave, those of us west end guys have seen a steady increase in sw's for the last year or so :D hell i have even seen them using the phonebooths at both 7-11's not to mention hang'n out at the klondiker(Jasper Hotel) or even at that little brown motel(in the back alley) just past the esso station, so thanks again global, now i am going to have more traffic trying to beat me to the pickup :mad:

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May 11, 2002
Summer is good for one thing, lots more girls out SWing and dressed really sexy if your lucky to find one. Helps a guy out when it becomes past 11pm and the MPs close.