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E&R Ultimate?


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Sep 9, 2003
Vancouver Island
Just curious... has anyone tried the "Ultimate" that is advertised on Escape & Relax's website? It's a 90 minute massage appointment that sounds pretty delectable to me. It's $200... seems to me that one would want to be sure of the quality of the provider beforehand, but either way I'd be curious to hear other experiences with this service.


(quoted from E&R website)

The Ultimate ~ 90 minutes,or an hour and then another half. Starting this motor with a hot, sudsy, candlit bubblebath, body washing, scalp~massaging, tease and torment time, followed by an extended Body~Rub~Plus. At this time, she drags your happy melty body into a streaming hot shower, scrubs you down from tip to toe, towel dries you and if you’re not real alert at this point, she carries your nude body out to your car. (It then becomes fun and fitness combined) OK, so maybe I’m kidding, but if I made you smile I reached my goal for today.



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Oct 20, 2003
I am not so sure about the location right now for the ultimate. They do have a pretty decent bathroom but the tub aint big enuf for 2. I guess you can have the bath and she can wash you down but the rest of it sounds good though. Maybe you should try half hour first with the provider to see if you would like to stay on.
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