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Duo with Azalea & Dahlia


Dec 2, 2008
Couple months back I found myself back in Calgary and was able to set up a 2 hour Duo with Azalea & Dahlia
I think both have been reviewed extensively, and are exactly as advertised so I won't go into physical attributes. The duo experience with these to however was exceptional.
Fromt he time I walk in the door it was on! I booked 2 full hours it was a very full 2 hours. wishing the first 5 min the girls had me sitting on the edge of the bed, both on there knees giving me an incredible double bbbj. making sure to keep the mirror behind them in the perfect position so I had the full view. I had had other bj duos in the past where the girls took turns, not the case with these 2. If my cock was not in there mouth them by balls were. This would be the base for the whole 2 hours. They took every opportunity to make sure that I was getting a full duo experience. Im pretty sure my balls have not been sucked that much ever! and not just a token lick here and there, but full on sucking, licking. Was incredible. after a good hour of mind blowing bbbjs and fucking Azalea threw me on my back and told Dahlia to suck my balls, she then turned to me and told be she was going to "suck out your soul". It was fucking amazing!, after sucking out every drop she proceeded to share with Dahlia. it was very hot.

After a quick massage and breather it was on again. I have never experienced 2 women so eager to suck cock. I had to stop them a few timed to keep from hoping, witch they seemed very amused by. Finally I could not take any move and they had be stand at the top of the bed while they both suck by balls and gave me a hj until I blew all over both of there faces. I was what a duo should be!

If you get the chance you won't regret a visit!


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Aug 1, 2014
In Pussyland
Amazing review, Agale! I have experienced both Dahlia and Azalea, although on separate occasions. I don't think I could live through a duo experience with both of these pervy perveyors of passion. They always bring their "A" game so you need to bring yours! I am looking forwards to having another tangle with either of these bedroom tigers when I get the chance and I know I will not be disappointed.
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