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Dec 11, 2003
& Found This Following Article in my Papers...
Making strip clubs, not war
THE PROVINCE, Sunday February 16, 2003
As the U.S. sits poised to move troops & tanks into the desert, a Canadian woman is preparing to do the same w/a battalion of exotic dancers.
2 very different visions: Iraq v.s. Palm Springs: desert-camouflaged khaki v.s. fishnet stockings & bustiers: war v.s. a wet bar.
This is about how a young single mom from a conservative family in Istanbul came to Vancouver & - - thru perseverance, integrity, clarity of vision & hard work - - achieved the age-old Canadian dream of 1 day owning a successful strip club.
That old story.
Brandy Sarionder didn't peg her hopes on running an exotic show lounge right off.
Initially, she modelled & worked on documentaries about Mother Teresa & Egyptian president Anwar Sadat.
This somehow or other led to her vision of opening a big beautiful spa for guys in Vancouver, where Asian businessmen could concot deals while sipping cool drinks & getting massages & being rolled up in big balls of seaweed. Kind of Valhalla w/a fax machine.
When that didn't pan out - - building managers thought she just wanted to start a massage parlour - - she took over the Swedish Touch, which is a massage parlour, & upgraded it.
3 years ago, she threw open the doors to Brandi's exotic show lounge.
Brandi's is not your run-of-the-mill strip club. For 1 thing, it has a mission statement posted on its website, according to which it aspires to "be an asset to the surrounding community by exceeding the standards expected of good corporate citizens." None of that Enron hanky-panky.
Also, right from the start, Sarionder was determined to make B's woman-friendly. If she couldn't open a guy-oriented spa, she wanted to open a woman-oriented strip club.
"I wanted to make a place that women felt very, very comfotable in," S. says.
A revolutionary notion. Most strip clubs shoot for that grizzled prospector demographic. Bit it wasn't met w/a lot of enthusiasm.
"I was told that it would ruin the business," she says. "So, I'm v. happy that instead it made it successful." By all accounts, B.'s has become a celebrity magnet, where women make up 40% of the clientel & guys line up to get in.
B.'s show lounge sits 5 storeys up @ the corner of Dunsmuir & Hornby - - 5K sq. feet of mood-lit burgundy velvet & booths & bars. There is a small "civillian dance floor," where you are supposed to keep your clothes on, & a big central circular stage w/brass poles where trained professionals are supposed to do the opposite.
So far as Cam Watt, Sarionder's business partner, knows she is the only female strip club owner around.
"Brandy is a woman," he says, "so you get a different perspective on the industry. Brandy always says that we built Brandi's for women, we just happen to let men in."
Watt's background is in the food & restaurant industry. He was a partner in the Bread Garden for 8 years, which has been revolutionary in its own way, taking Bundt cakes to levels once unimagined. He comes across as folksy & down-2-earth - - no white tuxedo jacket, no giant cufflinks. If Mayberry had a strip club, Watt would co-own it.
Sarionder & Watt are now in the process of building a much biger B.'s in Palm Springs in the California desert.
"We have experience in the food business & we have experience in the night-club business," Watt says. "The new club in the desert will be as much nightclub/restraurant, & just a beautiful out-door patio under the desert stars. The show lounge is just 1 of the components."
Construction on B.'s in the Desert is scheduled to begin next month. The budget is $8 million U.S. Watt & Sarionder hope to have it up & running by year's end.
"Palm Springs will really feel like an adult carnival," Sarionder says.
Eventually, she'd like to have a club like the Lido in Paris.
"Every show which is in Vegas right now, every big show, whether you're talking about the Cirque de Soleil or whatever, has its inpiration in the great Lido show, which has been running since 1860. It's got women & men, & everything you can possibly think of is happening. The stage turns from an ice-skating rink to a pool to things flying all ove rthe place, & you're so lost in this artistic ventue that you completely forget that everybody is naked.
"So when we grow up, that's what we'd like to be like."
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Anyone know IF this desertbar went up, successfully?
Just curious, carlotta


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Dec 11, 2003
Only... IF...

Doin' spring cleanin' at your humble abode... gives one excellent reading & bailey's/coffee at one's disposal *w* Best ways to do spring cleanin' me thinks LOL! carlotta
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