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Different review of Kassidy


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Sep 7, 2002
Reading the latest review of Kassidy, I thought a different perspective would be relevant. I had her come to visit about a year ago so, granted, she may have changed since then, but here goes. She arrived at my door in this hot little skirt, nice high boots and a revealing v-neck shirt. She had this perfect, round, tight little ass and fantastic tits, plus a sultry, horny attitude that made me want her right on the spot. So, we took care of business and wet upstairs. Without going into some Penthouse-esque description, she gave first a hell of a strip tease, then gave the best head known to man. All with this schoolgirl/slut pouty attitude that was sooo good to watch and experience. The pussy.... devine. She's very careful though, which can be annoying in the heat of the moment, but well worth it when the blood stops pounding, and brain activity resumes. Overall, a sound eight out of then for Kassidy. A porn star experience to be sure.
Pink Cherry