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Did Platinum Club burn down?


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May 14, 2002
United States
This is posted on The Platinum Club's VIP section of their website:
JULY 03, 2003

Due to a fire started by neighboring tenants, a four alarm blaze, has closed The Platinum Club. We will be shut down indefinately, but WE WILL BE BACK! Stay tuned to the site for updates.

The site is still active so if this is your first visit, browse around check us out, and you can be sure that when we do return, your most intimate fantasies await you here, at THE PLATINUM CLUB


Well, that sucks. I had a good time there 2 years ago when they had a real good Asian Japanese girl working there, but last year was *NOT* good. Too pricey and I was not going back. But to burn down?? When they come back, I sure hope they lower their rates by 50% for what they offer. Some of their girls need training (I once got a CHJ (that is CHJ, not CBJ) at that place.....made me really pissed)! All their girls shave total as well....weird.

Can anyone out there in YVR land tell me what happened??



Oct 6, 2002
There was a large fire started by a woman cooking popcorn on her stove in a pan or something. It started a huge fire that you could see from miles away. I guess Platinum club was in the area and was affected by the blaze.
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