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did angelina's rates go up?

expo joe

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Nov 29, 2002
Re: did angelina's rates go up???

Actually, all I want to add here is that I've only seen Angelina once, and that was a couple of years ago... to your credit Angelina, you've still got the MIDAS touch both professionally (as I have read from all your reviews) and more impressively, your ability to communicate and express yourself in a diplomatic and effective way. In otherwords, I like the way you respond to all the requests and questions you get!!! It really can't be easy to stay so consistent with everything!!! By the way, for those who wonder why I like Angelina yet have only managed to see her once, it's because I relocated to Calgary for over a year and during the months that I've been back, I haven't been able to click on matching schedules........

Keep it up, Angelina,
The guy with real estate advice........(hope this jogs your memory)



Jun 21, 2002
On the Hill
Angelina please lower your rates! For the little ppl...

Hey girl,

Can you please implement a scaled donation fee that might look something like this:

1 hour session

1. Old Man - 50+ age, lot of money - $300 hour
Net worth 1 Million +

2. Middle aged Man - 40 to 49 - some money - $220 hour
Net worth 250 K to 1 Million

3. Getting Up there - 32 t0 39 - doing alright - $200 hour
Net worth 50 k to 250K

4. Struggling young man - 25 to 31 - $150 hour
Net worth $0 to 50K


Sep 20, 2002
Nice try Ham!

Would be hard to implement, lol.

For the value she provides she is definitely worth it.

On a more practical level, how about an "introductory special"? That way, more clients will get to savor her delights. That might peeve some regular clients so perhaps a "frequent flyer/pooner" program also may be in order. Or, simply have a "slow time special".

Then again, nobody works for free. Do you cater to a speciality market, work less and charge more or do you cater to a broader market, work more and charge less.

With her popularity, why change!


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Dec 10, 2002
The World

Angelina-I have never met you and my financial situation is not such that I can arrange a meeting today or in the near future(though this could change at any moment-I am willing) I just want to say to you that from what I can see of you here you are an amazing young woman with a heart as big as can be imagined. If "love at no sight" is possible-this is it. Your presence here is felt by me as up lifting.

expo joe

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Nov 29, 2002

I think you'd better quit on this one before you make it worse for all the so called "rodents" and even some of us regular "joes"..... At this rate............we'll be paying in US dollars, not the Canadian Peso!!!!!!!!!!!..........Great imagination and creativity Hammy!!!!!
You're hillarious!!!!!!!!!:D

By the way Angelina, once again, I'm very impressed by your personal communications skills (memory)!!!!!!!!! Will be calling soon!!!!!!!!;)

Glory Road

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May 13, 2002
as a frequent flyer with Angelina

I can answer the above question with an emphatic NO.
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Jan 20, 2003
Avatar looks like Angelina.
Angelina pictures looking good!

Hello Sonny Burnett:

There is an Angelina on the above website, I hope its her.
3 good pictures.
If there are multiple Angelina’s out there, then “our” Angelina needs to change her name to something like “Angelina88.” Heeheehee, for good luck.

Some escorts have a keen eye on “marketing” their “service,” so they stick a mini-ad on all the “communal” websites – but they still maintain their own private website.

At least 41 women advertise on this eros-Vancouver website. Some top competition in a very competitive industry. I had to scroll down 18 or 19 women before I got to Angelina. This means that I had to pass through 2 women named Taylor (one of them Tastefully Taylor) and Your Jordan just to get to Angelina.
But it is still good that the Angelina thumbnail is above Scarlett’s House, which was the 23rd woman on the scrolldown list. If someone clicks on Scarlett’s House, they’re going to get an entire agency and might not re-trace back.

Angelina, if you had your own website, then you have a “marketing alternative” to steering men to this eros website.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, she wasn’t asking me for my advice, but hey my eyeballs almost didn’t make it all the way down to her ad. I’m only thinking of her welfare, and uh ample services.
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