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May 11, 2002
I went in hoping to see rebecca, but she was busy and Diamond greeted me so I thought I would go with her.
First I think it was brought up before that she dosent look (color) much like her picture on the site, or her hair style.
Personaly that dosent bother me. She is good looking and seemed worth a try.
Went for the body wash, and well, it was disapointing, since all the other girls at Deja Vu have wowed me I guess I became spoiled. She dident offer anything extra durring the body shampoo (not even to go topless), personaly I perfer the girl to let me know what shes comfortable with, especialy the first visit.
Well the shampoo was a waste beyound having soap put on me. Did not talk, no teaseing.
The massage afterwards was about the same, she did some good work on my feet for a minute, and some on my back, that was nice.
Then she asked me what extras I wanted, I said just a HJ, she asked if I wanted anything more, but there was no way I was going to put down another brown for FS.
The HJ, well I dident cum, she at least put a good few minutes of effort in it, but I was really disapointed, normaly im done too soon. Guess it just wasent working for me. She was nice enough after a minute or two of working at it, to lower her top. Personaly I have a rule that I dont touch unless I got the extra of the clothing coming off.
so 1 .25 for a body shampoo with a topless HJ in which I dident release.
I wont be trying her a 2nd time. Honestly I dont recommend her, maybe it was a off day and I know the other girls at Deja Vu are top notch, but I wouldent want anyone to have to take the hit to the pocket. I have never before had a body shampoo where a girl dosent at least offer to take some clothing off, good thing I dident go with the hot tub.

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