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Bobo The Rabbit

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May 11, 2002
Well since the web site said shes asian, however dosent post pictures of her, I though I would pay her a visit.
She only works sundays and mainly only sees people she has seen before. Guess it was a slow day so I managed to get in.
Went for the body shampoo, sadly no body slide, massage was normal, she was nice and talkative, shes okay looking, a slim small busted asian, not really stuning or anything.
Dosent really stack up against Jade (who has put on a bit of weight, but her service is allways getting better it seems and still rates my fave asian) from deja vu, or even cindy who works at supreme. The asian at Karma sutra is right up
there with Jade.


i wont repeat, just too many better girls out there.
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