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DATY How safe?


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May 9, 2003
Last night I was talking to a SW. We negotiated for a bit during which she asked if I liked to go down on a woman. I do but I was a little unsure of how safe it was. She got out of the car to make a phone call and I noticed an unmarked police car half a block behind me, so I took off. I don't think she was a cop (quite a few tattoos - though they wouldn't show with a uniform) and I let her make the initial offers, and she went into detail about what to expect. In the end I went home to my wife, who never looked better...
mahaha... 2cums... you nasty man!!

anyway... from a SPs point of view, the possibility of catching anything is ...remote. But a raging yeast infection is entirely possible, especially if the tongue goes back and forth from the nether regions to the Y...

and from a fella's point of view... yep - you can definitely get clap of the yap.