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Data Base...Central Reference...Or how in the hell do you find them.


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May 16, 2002
Those of you that read the forum posts know that I had a lady cancel with good cause today. While she gave me over 24 hours notice, due to other problems didn't receive the message until this afternoon for an 11:00 AM appointment tomorrow.

I had gone thru some elaborate plans to be free for the day. I had a reason to cross the border and to be at YVR to meet a business assoiciate on his way to the orient. I was even instructed on what perfume I was to buy the SO at the duty free on the way home.

At 2:30 this afternoon, I tried to set up a replacement, only to discover that there is no central place to go to find providers in Vancouver. In Seattle we TRB with many links to both indys and agencies. In Victoria we have a central web page listing many independents and agencies, also with links.

I would have loved to set up something with Saffire (couldn't find a phone contact and no reply to a PM. Couldn't find any kind of a contact for Deja recommended by Alex. Etc. Etc.

Alas, I had to make Air Canada the bad guy, as they cancelled their flight (YVR/PUG) tomorrow and my business associate was going to have to fly to LAX from Toronto. (After they have fouled up a few cut flower shipments it was a very easy sell to the SO.)

So, what I am asking for, is your recomendations for a site with links to the many beautiful ladies of Vancouver. If there isn't one, maybe one of our techie friends can create one.

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