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Jan 20, 2014
Fantasy Island
Good day Mates ..

The Birthday is fast approaching ..
I was looking thru SVIPS escort pictures when i stumbled across a picture of Darla ..
She was Sitting with her knee`s up, wearing black legging, Black panties & top .. with a black leather neck piece ..
That look she has in her eyes .. well .. I Pretty much fell in lust with her right there .. I knew who my B-Day present was going to be right then & there ..

As with SVIPS .. There were no issues setting up an appointment, I pre booked a day in advance .. Double checked to make sure she has no issues with 50+ gentlemen .. none at all ..** I can totally confirm that **

Did some homework and their are not really a lot of reviews about Darla .. What there is is all good .. but .. i kinda understand maybe why ..
Everyone who has seen her wants to keep her a secret .. She is a little gem ..
Her smile & energy light up the room .. Killer Body .. I love the buzz cut .. It Looks so sexy on her .. A Freaking awesome personality.. I enjoyed her company

BUT ! Her butt is freaking amazing ! .. seriously .. The last butt i had seen that made me go .. Ohh my god !! .. was Emmy St Claire .. and she has moved to Van ..
So no more awesome butts until now .. A new .. Ohh my god Butt .. And i couldnt be happier about it .. lol

I will say this .. She is a very responsive girl .. everywhere !! super soft skin, little bullet nipples .. I very much enjoyed exploring her body and my time with her

So much that i Decided im going back next week for the 90min PSE visit with her .. I was only going to spoil myself once this birthday .. But ..
not playing at all this year so far due to COVID .. Im Pretty horny .. Looks like a double shot this year ..

Treat her well mates .. We have another sweet heart SP here in Victoria


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Feb 15, 2004
I met Darla at the VIPs party a year ago. She is one of those rare younger ladies who has the maturity to make older gents feel comfortable. Not at all surprised by Dawgs review as it reveals Darla's character and qualities perfectly.
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Jul 15, 2008
Guess the secret is out ;) Thank you DogSpeed for taking the time to leave a sweet review of Darla - as always it's a pleasure to see you.
Don't let his age fool you gals - he's a good looking 50+ guy - I would have pegged him as late 40s at the most.
Make sure you let us know it's your birthday when you book with Darla, we will have a $100 birthday certificate for you to use on your next visit after that just as a little sweet cherry on top.

xoxo Ms.Harvi
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