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Sep 29, 2003
van city!
Hey all,

I'm an infrequent contributor, long time lurker. This board has provided me with great insight and assistance in finding those gems that can rock your world.

I am a self-admitted sex addict. I'm curious as to how many of you out there are married vs. how many are single. I myself am married to a wonderful woman who is great in bed, but I CAN'T break the habit - variety is truly the spice of life. I am in good shape and very clean, which helps with my mileage, and I could probably hit the bars and get it for free, but I'm not willing to risk meeting a bunny-boiler to ruin what I have at home. Anonymity is priority 1. SP's provide a much needed service - that true PSE that a wife just can't give. (After being married 6 years, let's face it - sometimes familiarity can be a turn-off)

Anyone out there in the same boat as me?

Because of my situation, I am EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS about safety. I'm actually paranoid these days - it's interfering with my fun. In fact, I have stepped away from FS for at least a year now. Strictly been HJ's and CBJ's. BUT - my biggest turn on is a great big facial finish. Hard to find an SP who will whip it off after a CBJ and let it fly onto her tongue (God bless J back in her day, and Meaghan as well - both have taken a load or two of mine!) If no facial, at least Russian. Hypocritical of me, I know, because of my preoccupation with safety, but that's what turns me on, so what can I say.

I am in a rut now. I am looking for that super-friendly SP who would be into watching porn, mutual masturbation, a little body rubbing, perhaps some HJ and CBJ, and then taking my load in the mouth, on the face, or somewhere on her body. I have never tried MSOG, but would like to give that a go too.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Don't have anything new to add, really - my last non-MP SP experience was in Toronto, so won't be much help. I've been trying BEX lately, with some interesting and fun experiences.

Anyway, feedback from you pooners and you SP's would be welcomed!



Mar 13, 2004
There is a girl I met who may be into this at a reasonable price. Her name is Jenna, and her E-mail is [email protected]
(the 2 ii s in girl is intentional.
You may want to e-mail her and tell her what you are looking for.
She will send you a photo and contact details.
Her rate is $150/hr this includes anything you are asking for as well as 69, fs, daty.

She travels and I have seen her in Calgary many times, but she is based out of Vancouver.

Rating: looks face(8), body 10
Attitude: 10
Service: 10
Rate is awsome!!!She is a true GFE and one of the best I have met while on business in van. She is 21.

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