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Crystal @ penthouse


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Feb 18, 2003
Edmonton, Ab
I stopped in to see crystal at penthouse tonight.. been meaning to for a long time.. Was unable to book an appointment with shawna @ fantasy.. (shoulda actuallly listened to the answering message earlier when i phoned rather then just hanging up DOH)

Well let's just say i was pretty happy with crystal. This was my first experience at Penthouse and was an enjoyable one. Crystal is very pretty with a terrific physique and enhanced chest. (for those that this may make or break) She's pleasent to be with although somewhat quiet, but i think that was as much my fault for being tired and just enjoying the massage.

Her massage was second to none. She really took her time and made me feel every ache and pain i had.. and some i didn't know i had as well. Her service was non rushed and relaxed.

I opted for a full service as i was feeling frisky but was more in the mood for something slower and sensual. I'm not sure if she just sensed this or that's just the way she was. But we had a good time.

FS with room fee was 2 browns. not bad for a full hour i would say.



Would i repeat? yeppers
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