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Crazy horse?


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Apr 23, 2003
In my own imagination!!
I went to crazy horse awhile back. I was a little drunk and did not look for anything cause I was with a group. Some of them are straight about the hobby others were not. So I played it cool. My question is has anybody had any good experiences here? Say like Chez Pierre? Very hot couple of blondes on stage when I was there. Also this place is relatively close to Cloud nine. I don't often get to the area of the city that Chez Pierres is in. Crazy horse is a few blocks from my relatives house.


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Mar 14, 2003
Haven't been there since they charged $10 cover two drink min...that was a while ago.


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Feb 18, 2003
Edmonton, Ab
Saint Pete's is next to cloud nine, not Crazy horse. Crazy horse is close to Deja Vu. Just to clear that little bit up.

At Saint Pete's you can get table dances for $20 a song.( the odd main attraction might charge a little more) they get nekkid and rub themselves against you. There's a bouncer watching so no touching allowed. The dancer decides how far to take it,(or not) if you get a few more dances they'll get a little more friendly. (but not overly)

out of the $20 the dancer get's half and the club get's half. Some peelers hate it, and others enjoy it and run around looking for other people that might want a table dance. YMMV of course.

At Crazy horse the interaction is minimal from what i've seen, unless your a drug dealer, then you get all the attention. heh. oh well. hope this helped a little.