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Court Orders Brothel to Refund Sex Bill!


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Jun 24, 2002
Beach Front - Argentina
Too many times I have been drunk off my ass and forgot what services if any took place. All the same waking up with no cash left.

Would have been nice to have this guy's lawyer!

Court Orders Brothel to Refund Sex Bill

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German court has ordered a brothel to reimburse a man charged for sex he could not remember having, after the establishment failed to provide an itemized receipt for services rendered.

"The brothel failed to provide concrete documentation of the prices and services provided," said court spokesman Vera Huth in the western town of Duesseldorf on Friday.

"They should have, for example, listed two sexual intercourse sessions at 600 euros, oral sex at 300 euros or anal sex at 400 euros a go," she told Reuters.

The man told the court he had been too drunk to remember what sexual services he may have ordered at the brothel in Kaarst. The establishment charged him 9,000 euros (dollars) on his credit card. The brothel owner testified he had ordered the "full program."
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