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Couple of new places?


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Oct 17, 2003

First of all I would like to thank the people who posted and helped me out with the abbrevations. Secondly I am dissappointed that Marcie is no longer with Wild Rose, truely a class act.

Now I was wondering if anyone heard anything about Sweets
"Shyla; whipcream low prices
Kitty; private dancer
Lacey; Greek treat
Bianca; 18 & 69 X the fun
Nydia; 2/4/1/+toys,toys,toys," The add sounds definitely interesting.
Also there is heaven on Earth and Escape and Relax. I know Escape and relax isnt new but I havent heard of anything on this board.

I have two girls in mind right now. Normally I am more interested in cougars but I am open to new people ;)

Thanks to all who reply!


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Feb 12, 2003
I did a brief review on Bianca a few weeks ago. You should be able to search for it. Shyla is still definitely on my mind, but since I saw the new website of xtc ( Jesse is grabbing my, um, err, mm, attention.

Funny thing though, I agree with preferring cougars. In my experience, experience counts. Hugely. Too many of the young hotties are thinking they are going to get by on looks.

On reflection though, in this business, maybe they are!
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