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COUGAR Category?


Jul 23, 2002
The left coast
I wonder if the board would support a "Cougar" category?

Maybe for those SP's 35 and older. Many threads indicate that "so and so isn't interested in any SP over xx in age", so this might help. Conversly, many of us have figured out that the "older" ladies have some talents that the young ones won't get until they get "older". It would just narrow down the search a little bit.

Of course, if you're a hockey fan from Victoria, perhaps you wouldn't go for a forum entitled "Victoria Cougars". Or looking for an older SP in Prince George, where the "Victoria" Cougars now play hockey. Hmmm, Paige Adams in nothing but a goalie mask, Nicole Lace with shin pads, Nikki (Chantelles) wearing a hockey garter, who'd wear jersey 69? Of course, there wouldn't be any fun in an HJ if she was wearing hockey gloves.

Just musing.......
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