Cold Nights = Bad Business?


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May 11, 2002
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Went to pay a visit to two popular studios on the southside tonight. First one had all three gals busy. It would have been nice if they had indicated when they would be free but there was nothing there. At least not on the staff door or the back entrance.

The other studio had 3 gals on and the first appointment came in the door at 8:30!

I guess the temperature outside is not at all related to the number of clients in the door. At least at one studio.


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Nov 12, 2002
There was a huge power outage downtown tonight, between Jasper Ave and the river valley. I contemplated heading out to a MP to bide my time instead of groping in the darkness, but my hormonal drive is rather low today. Anyway, I think the downtown pooners had the same idea as me.

Speaking of which...I did drive by Penthouse, which looked totally dark during the blackout. I wonder what those poor girls and their customers were doing then?
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