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cloud nine Jessie


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Apr 30, 2005
Went into this mp met the ladies went with Jessie turned on shower collected room fee when she returned decided to go for topless the massage was ok while we chatted about this and that time to flip over notice (she had lots of tatoos no big deal)when she took her top off. She climbed up on the table betwen my legs gave a light tickling massage then started the hj. When I reached down to play with her boobs she said no not aloud, know I don't have Edward Sizzor hands so I thought that this was strange but respected her wishes.Anyone else experence this? :(


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Nov 28, 2002
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I'm sure if you had offered her more cash you would have been able to have a squeeze.

Saw her a couple of weeks ago at Gentle Touch C9's sister studio in Red Deer. The little head insisted after seeing the photos, which are accurate.

Unfortunately the session was a big let down. This one is a real scammer. Prices very high based on Edmonton, can see a small premium but then after leaving you waiting for 10 mins in the room scams heavily for more cash for very little additional service.

Definitely sees and treats her customers like ATM's. Really bad attitude and strongly recommend stay away.


Oct 22, 2004
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Is it worthwhile to see anyone at Cloud Nine?

I get the the impression after being disappointed so many times at this studio, that the girls get so much "easy" overflow business from being next door to St. Pete's (the strip club) that they pretty much don't give a shit about having repeat clients.

I also think that , talking among themselves, they've pretty much cultivated the same lackadaisical attitudes towards the guys and bidness.

I used to go there because of the big Roman bed, but now that MMC has 'em, and Temptations have the wider tables, and Mens Club has actual beds in the rooms, there's really no further reason to visit Cloud Nine ever again. There is just no more ecstacy at Cloud Nine. :(


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Nov 12, 2002
I haven't been to Cloud 9 since Brooke was last there. But I've been thinking of seeing Victoria's been ages since I've had a session with her, but I had no complaints about her. And I don't see any reviews of Corie as of yet.