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Nov 24, 2004
We are a group of registered outreach nurses with the BC Center for Disease Control working in sexually transmitted disease (STD) and HIV prevention.

If you have any questions regarding sexual health then you have a number of options.

1. If it is of a personal nature and you want a private response send us a PM.

2. If it there is a topic that you think other people on PERB would benefit from seeing, start a new thread and ask us to comment.

3. If you have a topic, such as “risks of oral sex”, that you would like to pass on but do not want to post a thread yourself, PM us and we will try to incorporate it into a health information thread.

We will try to respond to PM within 4 days and will review the threads at least once a week. This will depend on how much activity we have.

We want to reassure you that client confidentiality is taken seriously and you can expect the same level of service online as you would if your visited one of our clinics.

The following links may be useful for you:

STD/HIV information:

BC STD/HIV clinics:
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