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Claudia @ penthouse - Revisited.


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Feb 18, 2003
Edmonton, Ab
Well it was a thursday night and i was very in the mood, stopped at a few places, made a tonne of phone calls, and couldn't find any of my regular's working or available for an appointment etc. I called over to Penthouse hoping that by chance Kayla was working a shift that she wouldn't normally be. I asked who was working. Yada yada yada, and Claudia.

Claudia? I thought she retired? Made an Appointment and went in to see her.. Now just a heads up i haven't seen claudia since she was fairly new to the buisiness back at cloud 9 probally 2-4 years ago. (more a guess then Anything) I remembered her as Very beautiful. Our first appointment I didn't feel like we clicked so i never returned to see her.

Well to make a long story short, I went to see her and had a blast. She was even prettier then i remember, her attitude had improved.

My mind is still a bit of a daze atm so can't remember a tonne of the details. I opted for a FS. She gave an AWESOME massage if you like deep relaxing. If nothing else i'd return for the massage alone. I then gave her a massage, a Real massage that she enjoyed, She learned a couple tricks from me, i learned a couple new ones from her.

She seemed excited to continue into the activities. I say "seemed" because she acted like she totally was, but i felt this vibe that she wasn't really that into it tonight.

Cowgirl, which was decent. then opted for me standing and her laying down. After about 2 min of this she kinda pushed me away and told me to lay down. I was almost to the happy place too. That kinda ruined the mood for me and couldn't finish with her doing CBJ / HJ.

I think i caught her on a bad night, too her credit she had said before the appointment that she had pulled a shoulder muscle. (which i gave lots, maybe too much, attention)

All in all She was still a fun time and pleasant to be with. Would i repeat? yes i will, give her 3-6 more times and see if we can click a little more. It's sorta hard the first time sometimes, I had met her before but like i said it had been a very long time.

L-10. Gorgeous, and totally my type. And i'm an ass man, which she has a very fine one.

A - 8 She was very pleasent, decent small talk. Would have given her a 9 if it hadn't been for the "Vibe" I think in time she would be a 9-9.5 for me.

S- 6 Nothing spectacular, nothing wrong other then when she pushed me away, maybe she was sore i don't know. Few things not on the menu that i really care for with someone i really like, Notably DATY

Guys if you have seen Claudia in the past i'd give her a second chance, I did and enjoyed her company. If you've allways liked Claudia i can see why.


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Apr 7, 2005

I thought the same way (ie that I would repeatedly visit her) until recently.

I've visited her several times - the first was fabulous. Very attractive, charming, funny, and interesting. Not at all what I expected from a gorgeous creature like her.

Gives great BJs, while we were having our fun, she would turn around and continue the BJ, and we would resume... I loved that attention to detail.

GREAT eye contact during, would talk to me and with me. Tried three or four positions, everything was going great, was using her fingers, tongue, she was very fun indeed...

I would have given her an extremely generous tip, if it were not for one thing. She has an intense fear of bodily fluids... Not what you'd expect however, perspiration freaks her out, start sweating and she's a scared kitty. Anyone who get's hot during their session would best steer away from Claudia - in my opinion anyhow. (YMMV)

Maybe I sweat nuclear waste though - i ALWAYS shower before arriving, and I shower AGAIN when I'm there. Hygiene is extremely important to me, on BOTH sides of that equation.

Only a couple of people have really impressed me enough to repeat - and I will repeat, well, after I've tried everyone that interests me. ;)

@ Sinderellas
Demi - VERY into it. not so great on BJ's, but very good on the others.
Lauren - good oral skills, patient, good listener, considerate provider.
@ Penthouse
Layla - dirty little mouth on that one, YOWEE! ;)
but picky about the size of her 'visitors'. Feared doing FS with me.
Natalia - great attitude, but not too skilled orally.
Made up for everything with enthusiasm.
Gina - MUSCULAR, which i love, DIRTY mouth, great Oral skills. (sweet)
@ Supreme
Gabriele (Gabby). Excellent attitude, very nice oral skills, true GFE.

Gabby at Supreme was a real treat - a true GFE, passion, heat, excitement... Wow. I left smiling ear to ear after visiting Gabby... No, she doesn't look like Claudia - at the end of the night, it's about the experience for me, and in my opinion, attitude is more important than looks.

Feeling that SHE's getting as much out of it as you are, is a super aphrodisiac for me.

Anyway, more reviews to follow as $ allow. I've gone through my allowance this month a little early.

God, being on Test sure does make ya frisky.