Van Islands Finest



Willy Slick
Aug 7, 2003
Met her during last Stampede. Claims to be a stripper (Mustangs's) but she wasn't peeling when I met her.


Kind of a rushed session, but seemed eager to please. Didn't want to run the risk of venturing into her apt.

Did alude that she really was into other girls as well. She offered to get a friend to join but being the first time and all didn't know what to expect

Rates were very reasonable.

Starting at four greens and up from there to about six for FS. I stayed with the 4.

Been meaning to have another go, but haven't as of yet.

Thought I'd share and see if any one else has had the "pleasure."

Seemed like a nice girl-face is a little rough looking. Pics are accurate.
Pink Cherry