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Jun 20, 2003
i've been away in toronto for a while, but i'm back now, took a chance and went straight from the airport to supreme. Cindy was there, so had another great session with her. I don't know what it is about her, usually i'm not into the asian thing, but there is something about her...she's not a hottie, nor is she a cutie, i guess she's just homey, and plus she does a damn relaxing massage.

in TO they do things a little differently (backwards if you ask me...). At the MP the SP are not allowed to do what we do here, but they do wicked body slides! I visited a few MP's and always went for the maximum tip (one brown and one red). This gets you a mighty fine slide. I think we are lucky with the girls we have here, but since all the girls in TO are limited to extras, most of them have perfected the body slide to a T! Highly recommended. However, if you want to go further, you need to book an escort to your hotel, standard pricing and services.

I think i will go visit with Lauren next. Funny how things are...a few weeks ago, I don't think i would have stepped foot in Sinderellas, but a few good reviews later, they are next on my list! Also have to visit with Krissy soon.

The party at Diamonds sounded like a hoot! Wish I could've been there to meet Lilith and Mel!


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Aug 9, 2003
Tur, she's not allowed to advertise ...

but I can tell you: Tuesday Day, Thursday Evening, Friday Evening, and Saturday Day.

You will enjoy this Girl's company. She is beautiful, intelligent, friendly and the extras are exceptional.
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