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Christy of Edmonton


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Feb 12, 2003
To my fellow reviewers, readers and hobbists - I found this incredibly insulting. This is off the Christy website:

"Q. May I write a review of our encounter?
A. If you are the type of gentleman that has the time to read and write reviews then you are most certainly not the type of gentleman I wish spend my time with. It's degrading and completely inappropriate of any respectful gentlemen. I would much rather you send me a brief e-mail afterwards to express your appreciation and gratitude rather than demonstrating your complete lack of class on a review board."

---------- Next thing you know, somebody is going to be telling us this whole business is degrading and completely inappropriate. What a crock.

I'm a consenting adult and you are a consenting adult. Nobody twisted arms to make these posts OR make anybody come here to read them, nevermind anything else in this business. Anybody who can't stand heat shouldn't be in the kitchen.

That said, Christy, you got a great looking body. Thanks for sharing it :)

On another note, I haven't seen Carly for a year or so, but the hour deal was always good. Actually, really really good. No complaints here at all.


Dec 31, 2002
Grendleaxe said:
Meaning she wouldn't want anyone to know that it's a bait and switch, or the service costs extra, or hired muscle comes along to make sure the client pays up no matter what ( the "no aprtment with remote locks and cameras" rule )

It's one thing to ask for a non explicit review, but anyone who was legitimate would be more than willing to have a "highly recommend" posted now and then.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ...
Never mind the restrictions and about the ID (including photo ID) information she wants you to give her for "security" reasons? Oh, she only uses it to check on you and then gets rid of it. You never get to see HER face on her website, but she gets to know your name and God knows what else. :eek:

Yeah, right.


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Jan 12, 2003
apparetly she also works and advertises as "Christy of Vancouver". Same gal, ad and info as the "Christy in Edmonton"

Couldn't find any previous reviews on her in Vancouver. For someone who seems to have just sprung out of nowhere, no previous reviews or track record in Edmonton or Vancouver, asking for big $$$, ID from clients, Q/A on writing reviews....hmmmmmm...way waay waaaaya too many????

I think I would be very cautious. Hot body or waaaaay jose on this one for me.

adios.... :rolleyes:


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Nov 12, 2002
I've only used one escort service in the course of my existence, and I can safely say I was never required to divulge my entire life story to them, save for my first name, hotel room and contact info.
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