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Sep 20, 2002
are still the best places to go, IMO. CC = College Cuties (Van), CL = Classy Ladies (Vic)

Had only one bad experience at CC 5 years ago and one so-so experience at CL 2 years ago. Most of the time I was a happy camper. A few times I was ecstatic. Both places have been around for years and that alone should tell you something. I have never been "ripped off" at either place either.

Like any biz/family, people come and go, for whatever reason. Hopefully they maintain good relations after they leave but that does'nt always happen. Regardless, turnover is good, for SPs & clients alike. Both these places have been "training" places for many indies out there. For CC there are/were: KatetheGreat, Talia, Angelina, Sugar to name a few. For CL there were/are: Paige, Brittany, Selena. All wonderful providers.

Having CC and CL out there keeps the competition on their toes.
Unfortunately, it can and does breed jealousy and rumour mongering.

Have fun!


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Feb 23, 2003
In my house
CC is near Seymour/Pender in a high rise.
Overall I have had MUCH better service at CC than CL. Even though I tend to patronize 2-3 independents for every agency visit, my recent experience is that it seems like Seduction is the top agency in Victoria now. Small stampede of gals seem to be leaving CL and going to SU. CC, Like a lot of agencies have 2, 3 or more numbers.
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